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(Cette page est également disponible en français: CodeCamp OLPC France/La Cantine)

OLPC France hold an OLPC CodeCamp in Paris on november 15th.

Five workshops are planned:

  • Sugar: development and experimentation on Sugar/python. This workshop will be animate by Daniel Drake from OLPC Boston,
  • School Server: setting up and test of school server on multiple platform (standard PC, Booba server, CherryPal, …),
  • Mono: development of new activities using Mono. This workshop will be animate by Torello Querci from OLPC Italy author of the Sugar bindings for Mono,
  • Pedagogic usage: Feedbacks from Haïti, Ethiopia deployments. Brainstorming with French teachers to find usage and class activity for the XO.
  • French localization: French translators will work all the days to translate to French, sugar, activities and FLOSS manual.

Click on the schedule below to see workshop detail.

We're proud to welcome some guests:

  • Daniel Drake - OLPC Boston, Sugar specialist, Ethiopia deployment,
  • Bastien Guerry - OLPC Boston, Haïtian deployment,
  • Torello Querci - OLPC Italy, Mono specialist.


  • Discovery of Sugar and the XO
  • Produce new contents
  • Extend the OLPC community
  • Promote the OLPC Project


"Passage des Panoramas" entrance, rue Montmartre
  • Teachers and pedagogy specialist
  • Translators
  • Linux geeks
  • Developers Python or Mono/.NET
  • Graphic designers
  • Everyone interested by the XO!


  • La Cantine : 151 rue Montmartre, Passage des Panoramas, 12 Galerie Montmartre, 75002 Paris (map)
  • Metro.png subway line 8 or 9, Grands Boulevards station


Saturday november 15th, from 10H to 19H.


10H-10H30 Introduction about OLPC France initiative
10H30-18H30 Workshop 1: Localization

See more

Workshop 2: Sugar

See more

Workshop 3: School Server

See more

Workshop 4: Activity development using Mono/.NET

See more

Workshop 5: Pedagogic usage

See more

18H30-19H End conference
  • All workshops occurs simultanously. Click on workshop name for more.
  • Demonstration workshop open for all from 10H30 to 18H30 during the day.


  • Each attendee should come with its laptop.
  • Free WiFi hotspot available.
  • Food and drink for all attendees.


http://www.danone.com Contact us on contact@olpc-france.org


Subscribe to the conference on mailto:codecamp2008@olpc-france.org. Please indicate the workshop you wish to attend.