Sugar Workshop 15nov

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(Cette page est aussi disponible en français: Atelier_Sugar.)

The goal of this workshop is to get you hands on with Sugar and to let you create your own activity in this environment. Developers will be able to chat together on the dedicated IRC channel canal IRC freenode#sugar.


  • Daniel Drake (en)
  • ...


10H30-11H Ergonomic principles behind Sugar. Survivor-glossary for terms like glucose, fructose, etc. Detailed example on how to write and package a minimal activity.
11H-12H00 Free exploration of the existing activities, of the Sugar API.
12H-18H00 Bugs hunt. Activities testing. Sketching out a project for the day.
18H-18H30 Report of what as been done, how to follow-up!

What do you need?

  • A computer, running either GNU/Linux or Windows
  • If possible, bring CDs and DVDs - we'll burn Sugar LiveCD
  • 1 or 2 XO will be at your disposal
  • Free Wifi provided

Programming skills

  • Better if you know a bit of Python


  • Daniel Drake
  • <Your name here>