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Dear Lionel,

Thank you for your interest in our initiative. One Laptop Per Child cannot sell you laptops for resale. OLPC is currently offering a program called Give Many. The Give Many program was designed for groups that are interested in 100 laptops or more, but are not yet ready for an order in the thousands. The majority of our Give Many participants are NGOs and private donors that would like to provide laptops for a community in need. OLPC does not currently have pilot criteria, we believe all school situations have individual needs and hope the XO laptop can be used to promote creativity and expression in children.

Through the Give Many program, participants receive laptops and are able to manage their use however they believe best fits the need of their community. For example, in some areas, connectivity to the internet is not possible and schools opt to use the laptop for its activities and not the internet feature. In other areas, Wi-Fi hot spots (wireless access points) are available and laptop connectivity is more feasible. In either case, the laptops are able to communicate with one another (simple mesh network) and are a wonderful learning and connectivity tool for children, their families and the community at large. The internet feature of the laptop is a wonderful asset, but the laptop has many other learning components that contribute to its success in education.

A basic orientation on the XO laptop can be found at http://www.laptop.org/en/laptop/start/. This information can assists administrators and users in how to get started. There is a guide to using activities, getting connected, inviting a friend, etc. Many of the Give Many users find this to be the best source of information for getting started.

Our GiveMany program is structured as follows:

Give 100+ $299 per laptop

Give 1000+ $249 per laptop

Give 10000+ $200 per laptop

In each case, the donor designates where the laptops are sent

I will need to get you a shipping quote based on your quantity and destination address as shipping is not included in the prices above. The basic shipping quotes we offer are CIF (Cost, Insurance, Freight) and do not include taxes and duties.

Delivery will take place between 120 and 135 days from purchase date.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Adrian Batlle
Sales Operations Analyst
OLPC, Sales and Distribution
9725 NW 117th Avenue #300
Miami, FL 33178
Office: 305.921.1246
E-mail: adrian.batlle@brightstarcorp.com


From: LASKE, Lionel (C2S) [1]
Sent: Friday, May 30, 2008 7:57 AM
To: givemany@laptop.org
Subject: Buying XO laptops for OLPC France


We are the OLPC grassroot in France.
We plan to buy XO laptops using Give Many to distribute it to french people using a program like the "G1G1".

We are very interested to have more information about the Give Many program.

More precisely:

  • What is the price for 10 000 XO delivered in France? (transport cost included) Does it include custom tax and if not, do you have a idea of the custom price for such a product in France?
  • How long to get 10 000 XO ? Is it a one time delivery ?
  • How is the packaging ? How many XOs by box ? What total volume and weight for 10 000 XOs ?
  • Do you manage storage of the purchased XOs in France?
  • How far can we personalize the XO ? For example: use a custom build for operating system, French keyboard, French power supply adapter, …
  • Does the XO have the "CE Mark" conformity ? If not could you certify yourself the conformity ?
  • Are you responsible for the product quality? What happens if some XOs has malfunctions ? Do you include a guarantee period ? Is there a way to buy some replacement pieces ?
  • What are the payment modalities ?
  • Can we receive your basic purchasing contract ?

Thanks a lot for your answers.

Lionel Laské
OLPC France