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I'm 28, living in Paris (France) and actively curious about creativity, smart mob, cross-fertilisation, Game Theory, new media and web environment.

Several former work experiences in consulting gave me the opportunity to continually improve my business knowledge, my analytical ability and understanding of corporate issues at different levels (strategic, marketing, supply chain, finance) in order to serve a firm globally.

My LinkedIn Profile : http://www.linkedin.com/in/oliviermaurel

I am very interested in Social Innovation and Social Business issues. I have participated to the World Social Forum in 2007, in Nairobi (Kenya) and organised the first WineCamp about WSF in Paris (France) in 2008.

Today, at Danone, as Social Innovation Animation Manager, I am in charge of: - Knowledge management for Danone Way Ahead: feed, share and boost our best practices inside our Social Innovation Network - Community management for danone.communities: follow and promote all the projects and debates danone.communities will launch, through our stakeholders' communities. Please visit and react on http://www.danonecommunities.com

I will follow and try to contribute to articles about Social Innovation in the best way i could : feeding it with exemples, facts, figures, ideas... Danone.communities has the mission to incubate social businesses : without promoting our brand, i'll try to find good materials to help understand Social Business.

Don't hesitate to contact me, in any case, about this website or Danone Social Business initiatives.

My Wikipedia entries: Social business

Other external links: Blog : http://olivier2point0.typepad.com Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=684246833 Twitter : http://twitter.com/olivier2point0 Show : http://www.soukorama.tv TV : http://my.vpod.tv/olivier2point0 Flickr : http://www.flickr.com/photos/olivier2point0 U-Lik : http://lounge.u-lik.com/olivier2point0