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hi thank you for your interest in OLPC Deutschland and first of all sorry for the delay!

we are currently working hard to put up our infrastructure. sadly i do not speak (or write) any french at all.

we have just founded the "OLPC Deutschland e. V." this weekend. we were planning this since most of us first met at CeBIT in march this year. i am not quite sure how the "e. V." (eingetragener Verein) translates to french. but it is a very common struckture to use for sports and social clubs. the thing we aim at is to get the status of "benefit to the public" which basically means we can issue cotribution receipts for charitable donations. that is needed for successful fundraising.

since we are just founded there are only about 15 people in our organisation. but we are growing on a dayly basis. budgets do not yet exist. we rely on membership fees and donations to get work done. so we will have to do some aggressive fundraising to get anything done.

we are planing to organize demo events in schools and for interested teachers and public presentations to create an awareness for the need for an educational laptop for kids. we will be supporting projects within germany as well as in developing countries.

right now we only have some development laptops and a few from the american GiveOne-GetOne program which we cycle and pass on for presentations.

logistic we have none jet, but we are very eager to work out a scheme to import a larger number of laptops with localized keyboard for the D-A-CH region in cooperation with olpc-ch and olpc-at.

i hope this was helpfull for you. if you have further questions please ask... i promis we won't take as long to answer next time.

greetings falko

hehe yes...

we are currently checking that as well. we have contradicting statements from Mary Lou Jepsen replyed to an enquiry that they have managed to get CE standard approval but could not come up with any helpfull source for that information so we keep on investigating in that matter.

if XO does not yet have a CE certificate we would probably try to get one from "TÜV Nord" or some other german authority. there also seems to be some way to have certain universities do that approval.

but as i mentioned it is all work in progress right now...

greetings falko

> Very interesting ! Yes, please keep me informed about that.
> One thing however: do you know if the XO laptop has the "CE mark"
> label
( ?
> I don't know for Germany but in France, without the "CE mark", the French
> custom office forbid items to enter on the French territory !
> Especially
for goods from China and to be used by Children.
> Lionel.
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> De : falko
> Envoyé : jeudi 24 avril 2008 10:01
> À : LASKE, Lionel
> Objet : RE: OLPC Deutschland - Buying Laptops
> we are trying to find a way to place an order! there must be a possibility
> to get larger quantities for pilot projects.
> rumour has it that you can just order them in bunches of 500 with localized keyboards form or quanta. we are currently checking out all the possibilities we can think of.
> i'll keep you up to date on this issue if you like...
> greetings falko
>> Hi Falko,
>> I don't have any contact yet with the swiss OLPC organization. But
>> you're right, I will send us an e-mail today.
>> By the way, I'm surprised by your idea to "ordering XOs".
>> What do you mean by "ordering XOs" ? In my opinion, it's not possible to
>> buy XO today expect on ebay !
>> Do you know a way to buy a large amount of laptops ?
>> If so, we're very interesting !
>> Regards.
>> Lionel.
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>> De : falko Envoyé : jeudi 24 avril 2008 08:47
>> À : LASKE, Lionel
>> Objet : OLPC Deutschland - Buying
>> Laptops hi...
>> one other thing i stumbled across: did you get into contact with the
>> swiss olpc organisation, since they would need a similar (or the
>> same?) keyboard layout. we are trying to peer up with the austrians
>> on ordering XOs and also have contact to get olpc-swiss the needed amount of laptops with a german keyboard.
>> have fun and keep at it!
>> greetings falko