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Echanges Mai 2008

On May 4, 2008, at 6:11 PM, LASKE, Lionel (C2S) wrote:

> Since my last mail with you, I've also take contact with other OLPC
> communities: OLPC Deutschland (Falko), OLPC Switzerland (François
> Brutsch) and
hm, I don't know Francois but I know Michele Notari Same with Falko. I know a few others there.

> • OLPC Switzerland said me that you give us 2 XOs (Waow: do
> you have a XO mine ?),
no, i regularly rob them from MIT :)

> • OLPC Deutschland said me that they are looking for
> information about “CE Mark” for XO,
well, here is some update on that. If you take a look at [http://] then you will see that there are quite a few certifications there. But no 100% CE mark . Basically you can just put on the CE mark if you want but then later you will have to prove that it fulfills all the detailed certifications. At least that is what a lawyer told me.

> • OLPC China send me condition to subscribe to Give Many
> program.
? what are the conditions there?

> So my questions are:
> • Do you have a way to buy some XO (except on ebay…) ?

> • Do you have already use the “Give Many” program ?
no. Has anybody successfully?

> • Do you have some contact at OLPC US to buy XOs or launch
> a G1G1 ?
> • Do you have some proof that XO is “CE Mark” ?
see above

>> Basically you can just put on the CE mark if you want but then later
>> you will have to prove that it fulfills all the detailed
>> certifications.
>> At least that is what a lawyer told me.
> Hmmm. My personal experience with French Custom Office is that if the
> manufacturer can't prove that items have "CE Mark", the importer could
> take this responsibility.
ok what does that mean?

>> ? what are the conditions there?
> Find below a copy of the mail from Adrian Batlle at Brigthstar.
>>> * Do you have a way to buy some XO (except on ebay...) ?
>> yes
> Just "yes" ! You can't just say "yes" ! :-( Say me more please !
well, actually to be precise - No, I don't have an option to *buy* them.
Instead I have been working on community outreach and a way to get XOs into the hands of community members:

>>> * Do you have already use the "Give Many" program ?
>> no. Has anybody successfully?
> The wiki talk about "Birmingham" and "Alabama". I didn't try to
> contact them.
ok, that would be *really* interesting for me. As said - I have been more into community outreach but I know that somebody over here will want to buy 100-200 immediately with GiveMany. So any experience with the bunch of folks over there would be interesting for me. Well - again to be more precise: "with the bunch of folks over there " means brightstar.


> By the way, in the agenda of the OLPC Europe FOSDEM meeting (http://
>, you talked about an
> OLPC Europe G1G1.
I did not talk about that since I know that this is hard in the EU.
I was not even at FOSSDEM :)

> Is it only a project ? Do you have already start to work on it ?
AFAIK no. It is a dream so far and nobody has AFAIK successfully imported and reasonable number of XOs into the EU. I think 20 was the maximum . And we did that in suitcases from MIT.

Basically I believe that Adrian was copy&pasting this info to you but he has no idea how to really make it work in the EU. I might be wrong, I might have outdated info of course. So give me an update please. I was already adapting Sugar for the Classmate since it was so hard to get the XOs to Europe.

Echanges Avril 2008

Hi Lionel,

On Apr 1, 2008, at 6:01 PM, LASKE, Lionel wrote:
> Hi OLPC guys from Austria,
> My name is Lionel Laské, I'm software architect in France and
> published some articles on CodeProject, Dr Dobb's Journal and on a
> French web site named DotNetGuru. Finally I'm the author of Liogo, a
> Logo compiler for .NET ( ).
whoa, not bad! :)

> I'm thinking to create an “OLPC France” (...)
> More, my dream is to launch a G1G1 in France at the end of this year (why not ?).
The thing which has been holding back G1G1 and Give many in the EU are warranty issues.

> Because, “OLPC Austria” seems to be a really active community, It
> could be really interesting to have your advices to help us to create
> our organization.
> Of course I'm wondering lot of questions like:
> • When you create “OLPC Austria” ?
May 2007
> • What is your legal status ?
legal association (NGO status)

> • How many people do you have in your association ?
~ 14
> • What is your budget ?
hm, let me re-phrase that to "Where is our budget finally?"

> • What sort of events do you organize ?
Many. We showed off XOs at Cebit, we currently work on, Simon will start to work on content issues, Helga created a super- tres-cool XO bag (, Christoph and Simon were in Slovenia and presented the XOs in front of quite a few ministries from Africa at the ACP-EU meeting), Chris Hager is coding a lot in python (xo-get, projectdb, physics software, imageQuiz), Andreas is working with XOs at a school, Tano and me are organizing a lot and doing blabla, etc... the list does not end.
> • What is your logistic ?
?? OLPC has logistics in the EU? ;-)

> • How many XOs have you ?
I have to count them but at the moment around 6 or so

> • Do you have help from OLPC Foundation in US ?
well, we help them and they help us sometimes a bit.
But mostly it is about trying out cool new things.

> • …
> I really appreciate your help and your advices.
> Best regards.
> Lionel Laské from the future “OLPC France”
> association.
You do know that there are already a few people in Paris (Xavier and
Florian) who have one and who already started working on a french grassroots group?

They are pretty cool guys, maybe you want to meet once and see if you like each other and if you can work together. Tell them greetings from me and I miss their great humor and drinking habbits ;-)