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Liste de projets suggérés par C. Scott Ananian

I'll list a grab bag of project ideas in this email. Some of these are high priority, some are low, some have OLPC people working on them, some do not. The list is certainly not complete! Please respond to this email to list things I've left out or projects you're currently exploring, or to express interest. I've tried to list some email addresses by each idea of OLPC folk who are interested or could give more information.

(Help wiki-fying this list would be appreciated! See )



Spanish wikipedia slice activity (cjb at

Wiki textbooks. (sj at
 Collaborative PDF annotation might be a good start. (mako at

Physics-learning games (like Phun and Elements)

School server management tools (martin at

Hunger project

Testing tools. (mstone at
 (see also, "Build servers" below)

Build servers.

Docs to go w/ builds:

Remote debugging:

Blogging platforms on XO

Email app (Gmail, or lightweight local email)

Flashcards for the classroom. (Make own flashcards on the XO)

Geography browser / quiz. (Make own maps on the XO)

Edubuntu integration (sugar chooser for edubuntu, edubuntu activities for XO)

KDE edutainment integration / ports

Other Education software:

Translations/localization (sayamindu at
 Also, integrating a "translate this" feature into the UI, or
 mouse-over translations using a small local dictionary.

Filesystems (cscott at

IPv6 tunnel endpoints (cscott at

Private Dynamic DNS for out-of-school uses of XO

Activity upgrade activity (cscott at

Key Manager activity (cscott at

Network manager maintainer. (dennis at, cscott at

 OLPC has deployment-specific hacks in NetworkManager; these need to
 be ported to FC9 Network Manager and/or reimplemented in a more
 general manner.

Initscripts work. (dennis at, cscott at

 We need to boot fast & start X sooner!

Kernel power-management work

 (dilinger at, dwmw2 at, cjb at

Python performance tuning (sugar)

"How to use your new XO" activity (adam at

 Large # of our support tickets are basic "how do I use this thing" issues

Create/maintain builds designed to easy to install & run in emulators

 qemu, vmware, etc
 Mexico (and other deployments) are doing teacher training in
 emulators, because they don't want to divert any XOs from the kids
 Developers who don't have an XO also like to use emulators.

Printer support (big scope!)

Security work (mstone at

Child-safe web filtering on XO

 Regardless of its merits, CIPA requires it for XO deployments in US schools:

Kid-friendly Python IDE

Collaboration via Multi-pointer X (MPX)

Lots more at: And don't forget:


( )

Projets du Google Summer of Code