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Here are the projects that the jury selected. Thanks to all the participants!

Version française: Résultats_du_concours_OLPC_France


  • Proposed by: Philippe MARTIN
  • Description: Garden simulator. The user can plant vegetables, let them grow, harvest them, etc. He can select the region he wants to have his garden in, with varying wheather conditions, seasons, etc. The software will allow user-contributed content (plants, regions, etc.)


  • Proposed by: Fabien RIBES
  • Description: Educational software aimed at learning how to master handwriting, based on already existing pre-school exercises. Target: 3-5yo kids.


  • Proposed by: Mathias DAMOUR
  • Description: A wiki-based encyclopedia made by kids for kids, assisted by adults. Articles target 8yo to 13yo children. Link to the project: http://fr.vikidia.org


  • Proposed by: Séverin LEMAIGNAN and Serge STINCKWICH


  • Proposed by: Sophie CASTELAIN
  • Description: Use the XO as a way to develop activities for handicaped children.

XO for CM/PS

  • Proposed by: Philippe LARCHER
  • Description: Develop activities around Etoys: e.g. image manipulation, storytelling.


  • Proposed by: Philippe LARCHER
  • Description: Simple interface for Q&A. Make it modular so that the community can propose any Q&A set.


  • Proposed by: François SENEQUIER
  • Description: A tool to learn the theory of music and to connect this theoretical knowledge to the practice of an instrument.

Tag the City

  • Proposed by: Jean-François CAUCHE
  • Description: Let the children add geolocalised informations about the city there are living in. The children could stroll around the streets with their XOs and tag them with representations of their own.

Virtual twinning

  • Proposed by: Sédrick NGANDJEU
  • Description: Create a social network binding 2 classrooms in 2 different countries together. Each child would have one peer in the other country, and teachers would be able to share the pedagogical materials they use at school with the XO.