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(7. Quality/Mentoring)
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=== 1. Project Title & Shipment Detail ===
:'''Name of Project:''' HTML5 multi-touch framework for XO-4
:'''Shipping Address:'''
::Lionel LASKE
::+33 6 XX XX XX XX
:'''Number of laptops:''' 2 XO-4 with touch screen
:'''Loan Length:''' 8 month
=== 2. Team Participants ===
:'''Name & contact info:'''
::Lionel LASKE, lionel AT, +33 6 XX XX XX XX
::Bastien GUERRY, bastien AT, +33 6 XX XX XX XX
::Xavier CARCELLE, xavier AT, +33 6 XX XX XX XX
:'''Employer:''' Volunteers at OLPC France grassroot
:'''Past Experience:'''
::Co-Founder of OLPC France
::Deployment of 200 XO at Nosy Komba, Madagascar, Since 2009
::Experimentation of 50 XO at Saint-Denis, France, Since 2011
::Sugar Localization, Volunteers Training, Organisation of two SugarCamp in Paris 2009 - 2011
=== 3. Objectives ===
:Development of a HTML5/JavaScript framework to develop touch enabled activities on Sugar. Development of 2 first touch enabled activities using this framework. Documentation of the framework and writing of a tutorial to explain the process.
=== 4. Plan of action ===
:A first version of the framework exist today. It use the Enyo JavaScript framework that is touch-enabled. The first step is to test and qualify the framework on the touch-enabled version of the XO-4.
:The second step will be to adapt a first existing activities (FoodChain).
:The third step will be the development of a new activity using the framework.
:The last step is to document the development process in a blog entry and in Sugar documentation.
=== 5. Needs ===
:Activities for the XO, like Sugar itself, are thought to be developed in Python. But Python is not the most popular programming platform today so all programmers don't know Python. Consequently, it's sometimes complex to find developers interested to contribute to Sugar with a sufficient knowledge in Python. It's why we think that allowing development of activities using HTML5/JavaScript could be a good way to enhance number of activities. More: because lot of application for iOS or Android tablet are developed in HTML5/JavaScript it's a good way to adapt existing touch content for the XO-4.
:Emulation is possible to develop the framework but testing on a real device is a pre-requisite, specifically for touch enable content that is difficult to test using a mouse.
:2 device is requested: one for development, one for testing.
=== 6. Sharing Deliverables ===
:All deliverables will be share with the Sugar/OLPC community.
:The project will be described on the OLPC France website and on OLPC News.
:All resulting activities will be downloadable from the Sugar App Store.
=== 7. Quality/Mentoring ===
:We plan to test the result of our work on our XO deployments in France and in Madagascar.
:Of course, we'll benefit of the experience of the OLPC France team and all team participants have already experience in project mentoring.
=== 8. Timeline ===
:Month 1 to 3: Framework development and testing
:Month 4: First activity adaption
:Month 5 to 6: Second activity development
:Month 7 to 8: Testing at school
:At the end of the project, the 2 XO could integrate the OLPC France lending library.

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