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From: Lionel
To: Rodrigo
CC: NN, Bureau OLPC France


Suite à votre rencontre avec Bastien Guerry (OLPC France) et Sean Daly (Sugar Labs / OLPC France) et à notre bref échange avec Nicholas Negroponte lors du TEDx Brussels, je me permets de vous adresser cette présentation des activités d'OLPC France.

OLPC France est une association de volontaires sur le projet OLPC. OLPC France a la structure d'une association à but non lucratif de type "Association Loi 1901" selon la loi Française. OLPC France a été créé en mai 2008 à l'initiative d'un groupe de volontaires Français ayant souscrit au programme G1G1 ou qui échangeaient déjà avec la fondation (Samuel J. Klein par exemple). L'association est composée d'une quarantaine de membres de différents horizons: hackers, enseignants, traducteurs, ingénieurs, étudiants, …

OLPC France has 5 major activities:

  • Deployment,
  • Support,
  • Content (educational resources and Sugar activities),
  • Translation,
  • Communication


OLPC France has made a small deployment in Madagascar on the island of Nosy Komba. The goal of this project (more details are available there: [1]) was to fill up the school of the Antitorona village (100 children in 2009, 126 children in 2010) in strict compliance with the OLPC Project core values. The project was conducted in partnership with the non-profit organization called "G du cœur", already present there for several years, and Stefano Palazzi the local Italian Red Cross representative. OLPC France has trained a team of volunteers, supported the transportation, enabled the electrical infrastructure, trained teachers and managed the deployment of 160 XOs. Last year, a School Server has been deployed in the school. In 2011, an Internet connection will be installed and an estimation will be conducted by a specialist. OLPC France as also conducted a project in France in a special school for children who have strong difficulties in learning (called "CLIS" in France). It was a 6 months pilot program with 6 XO laptops available for 12 children. This project was useful to introduce OLPC and Sugar to teachers and to interest them on the subject.


Our support is to provide help to French people concerning the OLPC Project. 5 people from OLPC France are part of the foundation support-gang, led by Adam Holt. We answer to French questions under "" and we also have several requests on our own support address, "", both reaching about hundred requests per year. We have created one of the five "official" OLPC repair centers - We voluntary support XO repairing (thirty laptops from the beginning) and we share our skills through scheduled repairs workshops (about 3 per year).


Our work around contents is to develop or adapt French Sugar and XO content. We have brought together Gcompris tool suite developers with the Sugar Labs, and this tool suite is now one of the most downloaded around the world. We have developed the Help activity in French and we have also managed the OOo4kids project to adapt tool suite for Sugar. We have built a library containing about fifty e-books in French for the XO. We are still working on other projects as:

  • Wikipedia activity in French,
  • An activity around learning nutrition in partnership with Danone Research,
  • An activity to help discovering music in partnership with Sugar Labs and the Carla Bruni Sarkozy foundation (which was the subject on which you participated),
  • A disassembly cloth visually showing all steps needed to disassemble an XO - with its corresponding activity - in partnership with Ateliers-Paris Design Institute (ENSCI), the only French national Institute exclusively devoted to industrial design.


Translation is the principal OPLC France activity. OLPC France was the main actor in the Sugar interface translation into French. We have also translated the manual of XO laptop use. We are currently finishing the translation of the Peruvian manual called "The XO Laptop in the Classroom" for teachers.


Our overall communication goals consists of spreading the OLPC Project in France and to liven up the community.

We have got a very active website - about 2 000 000 visits per year, which permit to spread the Project and its news to French people. A Blog and a very detailed FAQ are also used to provide help to people interested in the laptop or the Project. We also run regularly - twenty per year - talks or stands spreading the Project during events who attract several people, from developers through open source communities, to educators.

Finally, we organize an annual community event around the OLPC Project to bring together community volunteers and to introduce the Project to interested people. Thus, we have gathered 40 people in 2008, 50 people in 2009 and 75 in 2010.

I hope that this summary will have introduced you how OLPC France activities are varied and the high energy that drives us. Clearly, OLPC France is now considered one of the most active Grassroots on the Project.

Our only ambition is to help to expend the exciting project that the OLPC Project is by bringing French resources: whether content, skills (including volunteers) or support.

Nous sommes à votre disposition afin d'étudier de quelle manière nous pourrions vous apporter notre aide de la manière la plus pertinente dans vos actions.

      Président OLPC France